Athlete's foot in Copenhagen

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From the department of funny language bloopers: This shoestore in downtown Copenhagen, DK, goes by the name of "Athlete's Foot", probably to attract American tourists that come by here and are in desperate need for a new pair of sports shoes...

Signs of Athlete's Foot in downtown Copenhagen

In case you wonder: "Athlete's foot", at least in U.S. English, refers to a fungus you get on your feet if your run around for too long in poor plastic sports shoes or your foot hygiene is general lacking. In the shoe store's logo, the little wings attached to the foot probably represent the fungus as a genetic mutation.

I wonder how the store's sales figures to American tourists look like...

Eric (American) says this must be a tongue-in-cheek joke...

Holger (Australia-phile German) says they are for real:

Hans (field worker for this blog...) investigates on-site: He says the Australians know the term "athlete's foot", so this is in fact tongue-in-cheek. Moreover, you can buy socks in plastic bags to strengthen that fungus connection, if you like.

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