Password Patterns

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This is the front page for a set of patterns describing how you could (maybe should) go about creating and handling your passwords in order to achieve practical security. I wrote most of the initial versions of the patterns on my software wiki. They were subsequently amended and commented on by the contributors listed below. I converted the patterns to static pages when I shut down the software wiki. If you have important extensions or changes, please let me know and I'll add them by hand.


Authors and contributors

Main authors:

  • Dirk Riehle
  • Joe Bergin

Contributors to the patterns:

  • Sacha Brostoff
  • Ward Cunningham
  • Norm Kerth
  • Nick Leaton
  • Steve Metsker
  • Eugene Wallingford

Also, there were some anonymous contributions.

These patterns are used or at least referenced in the upcoming Security Patterns book.

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