PLoPD 3: Table of Contents

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Part 1: General-Purpose Design Patterns

Chapter 1: Null Object

Chapter 2: Manager

Chapter 3: Product Trader

Chapter 4: Type Object

Chapter 5: Sponsor-Selector

Chapter 6: Extension Object

Part 2: Variations on Design Patterns

Chapter 7: Acyclic Visitor

Chapter 8: Default and Extrinsic Visitor

Chapter 9: State Patterns

Part 3: Architectural Patterns

Chapter 10: Recursive Control

Chapter 11: Bureaucracy

Part 4: Distribution Patterns

Chapter 12: Acceptor and Connector

Chapter 13: Bodyguard

Chapter 14: Asynchronous Completion Token

Chapter 15: Object Recovery

Chapter 16: Patterns for Logging Diagnostic Messages

Part 5: Persistence Patterns

Chapter 17: Serializer

Chapter 18: Accessing Relational Databases

Part 6: User Interface Patterns

Chapter 19: A Pattern Language for Developing Form-Style Windows

Part 7: Programming Patterns

Chapter 20: Double-Checked Locking

Chapter 21: External Polymorphism

Part 8: Domain-Specific Patterns

Chapter 22: Business Patterns of Association Objects

Chapter 23: A Pattern Language of Transport Systems (Point and Route)

Chapter 24: The Points and Deviations Pattern Language of Fire Alarm Systems

Part 9: Process Patterns

Chapter 25: The Selfish Class

Chapter 26: Patterns for Evolving Frameworks

Chapter 27: Patterns for Designing in Teams

Chapter 28: Patterns for System Testing

Part 10: Patterns on Patterns

Chapter 29: A Pattern Language for Pattern Writing

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