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Thomas J. Peckish II is the pseudonym of a well-known perfect-attendance OOPSLA regular, whose epigrams do not cease to delight me. Unfortunately, I usually understand only half of them, primarily because of my limited grasp of the English language. So I put those that I could get a hold off here for all of us to enjoy.

  • Retirement is wasted on the old.
  • If information is the currency of the new millenium, then we are all churning the float.
  • The horrible truth: Productivity is inversely proportional to team size.
  • Peckish's corollary to Raymond: Given enough fingers, all programs are brittle.
  • If Smalltalk did not exist, we would have to reinvent it.
  • If we can't remodularize to control the emergent entity, what do we do, repolarize the main deflector dish to emit a tachyon pulse? (OOPSLA 1997)
  • A flacide cabale of cartoon worshipers drooling over UML centerfolds. (OOPSLA 2001)
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