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For Dissertation No 13509 ETH Zurich, Dirk Riehle: Framework Design.

Major issues

Page 22. In the printed version, parts of the figure are missing. Sorry! Just take a look at the PDF.

Page 62, Section 4.3.1, Paragraph 2. Role object coupling is pointed at, but is actually never discussed. For a discussion of role objects and coupling based on role objects, please see [RG98, BRSW98].

Page 138, Paragraph 5. Replace "[BG98]" with "[Gam98]". [BG98] actually is [BG97], the OOPSLA 1997 tutorial on JHotDraw. Chapter 8 is based on [Gam98], though, and does not make use of the earlier tutorial. For your convenience, I'm providing both the OOPSLA 1997 as well as the JAOO 1998 tutorial for download (with Erich's permission).

Minor issues

Page iv. Paragraph 3. Should be "best described as frameworks." rather than "best described as a set of frameworks."

Page 45. Specification 3-10. Provider should be bold.

Page 65. Last bullet item, paragraph 1. Should be "For example, Figure.Client has no operations."

Page 67. Paragraph 1 and 3. Replace "no frameworks" with "not frameworks".

Page 68, Figure 4-5. Page 68-69, Specification 4-3. Page 103, Figure 6-2. Replace "Cloneable" with "Clonable".

Page 211. Change "Zurich" to "Zürich". Oh well...


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